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Actual Testimonials Received

"If any time you make your database bigger by another 100 then i will be happy to pay another 30$"
- Raymond
"The service offered is exceptional. All submissions are performed promptly, and the service is very adaptable.  I would highly recommend this service above others available."
- Chris Hoffman
"I think you did an amazing job and the price is great for so much work you do."
- Nadeem, LitVillage.com, Inc.



A simple step by step approach

Step 1 - Decide why DirectoriezSubmission.com?

  • Flexibility - you have the option of selecting as many directories as you want. Or if you want to get your website submitted to any of your list of directories, you are welcome.
  • All the directories listed are search engine friendly, and gives you a DIRECT link.
  • You can give us upto 10 different titles/achor texts. *NEW*
  • We do only Manual Submission, NO automatic submissions.
  • We will provide you snapshot of your submission in every directory we submit your site to. (That means 100 snapshots for 100 directories.)


Step 2 - See the List of Directories

  • Ok, now you may be wondering about the list of web directories?
  • You may see the list of directories here: Free Directories
  • You may select as many directories as you want.

Looking to learn more about submissions and design? Click here.


Step 3 - Our Fees

  • Submit your website @37 cents per directory. This means USD37 for 100 directories.


Step 4 - Submit FORM (your website information)


Step 5 - Unfortunately... you have to give us the money!

  • After recieving your information, we will send you a Invoice based on your payment preference.
  • Currently you can purchase from PayPal and 2CheckOut.

Interested in any other payment mode? Let us know here.


Step 6 - Relax

  • While you relax, we will submit your website to the specified directories.
  • Once again, we emphasize that this will be an entirely Manual Process.
  • Within 5 days (usually 2 working days), your work will be completed.


Step 7 - Work completed!

  • We return back to you within 5 (usually 2 working days) with the list of directories we have submitted your site to.
  • All the snapshots of submission will be given.
  • Plus, the exact URLs where your site has been submitted will be given so that you can easily track your submission status afterwards.


Step 8 - Enjoy many one-way links coming to your website!

Step 9 - Enjoy higher search engine rankings and in turn, more visitors.

Step 10 - Cash your visitors!

Step 11 - Go for a holiday with the money, or buy your spouse a car, or give us the donation (ok, kidding now)

And lead a happy life ever after!

One thing is for sure, you will love our professional services.


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